Monday, April 12, 2010

A Sweet (short) Post

A quick post... because it's been a very long day. Jacob was very excited to spend some time with his cousin Claire this evening. Ms. Claire Bear had a mini-shoot (click here for some previews) and I just loved finally using some of my girlie girl props...although don't think I haven't been tempted to try some of them on my little guy. I suppose Jacob was a little jealous he wasn't getting any camera time because he scooted right into the picture with this Little Princess.

And while we have still not caught the Ice Cream Truck, we did manage to squeeze in our (first) popsicle treat of the spring. Thank goodness for all-natural, strawberry goodness.

And if there is anything cuter than a tot running around in a diaper... it's two little tots. We can't wait for Claire and Dan and Morgan to hopefully move closer so we can have more of these play dates!

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