Friday, April 9, 2010

Flashback Friday

Where has the week gone? I told Phil last night that I had not taken any pictures of Jacob for the last two days. He asked me if I was feeling okay. Don't worry, I told him, I'll make up for it this weekend. For now, a little trip down memory lane.

Year: 1987. Not long after the newest addition arrived into the Williams Family.

I often wonder when a family really feels complete. Life is absolutely perfect for us right now, but we know there are more little ones that will enter into our life at some point. I'm thinking that picture of my parents with their four children... with the last and the littlest one to have just arrived... probably made them feel pretty complete. There are so many things I love about this image...

.... That my dad has his arms stretched out holding all of us, because even though there were four of us, we all always felt his love.
.... My dad's glasses. How could those ever have been in style!?
....The fact that Lindsay is drinking a bottle. She was two years old in that picture. It's good to know I'm not the only one who can't give up bottles yet (Jacob still has three a day).
.... The book in my mom's lap. She was always reading to us. Every night before we went to bed, we knew we would always have story time.
.... Our pj's. There is nothing cuter than watching Jacob toddle around our house, all clean after his bath, in a set of jammies. I can only imagine when there are four littles running around...
... How tight little Justin is swaddled. When Jacob was very little, I would call my mom if I couldn't get him to sleep. Is he swaddled tight enough, was always her first question. Babies like to feel secure, she would tell me. Hum to him, Stephanie. She would literally have me put the phone next to Jacob and she would start humming to him through the phone. Moms always know.
... The fact that my mom is probably not loving how she looks in this picture (love that eighties hair), but I always did and always will think she is gorgeous.

.... Can't you just feel the love? A perfectly complete family. Everyone should be so lucky.

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