Friday, April 30, 2010

Hello, Friday!

Jacob hasn't been the easiest little tot to take to the gym lately. He has taken separation anxiety to a new level, screaming and crying and looking like the saddest baby until I make my arrival. Not to help matters, the morning daycare lady tries to calm him down by taking him out of the play area and walking him back and forth through the gym. Jacob spends this time skimming the floor trying to spot me and I spend this time trying to position my head on the treadmill behind the mini tv. I visualize myself losing my balance during this game, spinning off the treadmill, Jacob spotting me and loosing it himself because he wants me to hold him... while everyone at the gym thinks, "Momma should have just stayed home." Maybe that's a little dramatic. Nonetheless, Jacob won (I'm sure, the first of many) and I worked out from home today, running with Jacob in our jogging stroller. What a run. It was gorgeous outside, a little too early for any traffic, and Jacob managed to point out and identify every bird or dog we passed. We were quite peaceful....

Every few minutes, Jacob had to sneak a peak at me to make sure I was there. It wasn't quite as easy as running with him when he was fifteen pounds lighter, but a workout was accomplished and any separation anxiety was avoided. Perhaps this is not the best way to go about helping Jacob learn to let go, but for now, we will be all right. Talk to me again if he is screaming and crying and wanting me to hold him when he goes off to college. Oh wait, that will be me.

With the impending rain this weekend, we thankfully managed to squeeze in some outside time these past few days. Ever since Jacob watched Daddy put fresh mulch down, Little Man thinks he is our new gardener.

Last but not least? Momma's becoming a cook. Not quite... but feast your eyes on barbeque beef brisket and carrots, asparagus, and au gratin potatoes. Now if I could just cook dinner more than once a week.

Exciting things planned for this weekend... My little shadow and I are off to enjoy our time together. Happy Friday to you!

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