Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Spy A Little...

Sunshine. It finally made its appearance after about five-and-a-half days of rain. And, of course, we took advantage of it this afternoon. We played outside with Jacob's new neighborhood friends, who are all four or five years older than Jacob, but believe he can do anything they can. We also spent time staring up at the sky. Jacob has a recent fascination with planes and birds. He identifies them from far away and stares and points and watches them traverse across the sky. And I envisioned our little conversations we may have a few years from now about what the clouds look like... because although he may not be fully talking yet, I'm sure his little imagination is ready and waiting to dream about what these clouds look like...

And although Jacob does love looking up, up, and away, he still loves smelling his flowers. My goodness, the rain did wonders for our flowers in the front of our house.

Blue skies and these amazing flowers make me wonder why we can't have spring all year long.

We waited for Philip to come home from work and Jacob loves when his Daddy comes home and he gets thrown into the air and showered with hugs and kisses.

Our outside time did come to an end when the little guy stubbed his toe. I, of course, received the worst-mother-of-the-year award for not having his shoes on him. There is something so freeing about running around barefoot in gorgeous weather and green grass... Philip told me I can find other ways to let Jacob feel free. Perhaps.

A little band-aid and some kisses and my little man was good to go. The Cardinals game is calling (as is my husband). To blue skies and sunshine tomorrow.....

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