Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Few Big Events

This was pretty much our view from our window all weekend. Rain, hail, and hello tornado.

It's not easy explaining to a fourteen month old that we cannot go play outside because it is raining. He sat and stared out the window, pointing to his swing set and saying "Dat!" No, Little One, we continued telling him, not today. We found other ways to keep us occupied.

Event #1: We took Jacob for his first real hair cut at a salon. Thank you, Great Clips, for your $7.99 special. This lady worked so quickly that I thought she might just snip off part of my little man's ear during his frequent movements up and down on Daddy's lap. And I was ready to snip those scissors right from her hand if she hurt him. Nonetheless, she did quite well and Jacob was looking mighty cute.

Jacob wasn't the only one who recently had a hair cut. Little Ellie is looking pretty darn cute with her new buzz. And we love Ellie for her continued patience with Jacob. For letting him throw balls at her head because he somehow thinks she is going to catch the ball like we do. For letting him chase her around the room with socks for an unending game of tag. And for letting him pounce on her for what he thinks is a big hug and kiss. You are every bit as sweet as you look.

Event #2:
We successful taught Jacob how to jump. He doesn't quite get air but he kicks his little leg out in the air like he is jumping as high as can be.

Event #3:
We headed out for the SSDN Auction. The rain actually let up for a good three minutes so we could get a quick shot outside. What is it about getting dressed up for an event that makes you feel so special? I think (without exaggeration) that Philip told me I was the prettiest girl in the room about ten times. Didn't that make me smile?

It was quite exciting to see one of my session's auctioned off and I look forward to shooting the lucky winner.

A handsome pair.

And a very special set of parents (and grandparents).

Event #4:
The rain continued all day Sunday. We watched it from the inside of our home. And it was actually quite peaceful. Because when there is nothing at all to do, and no where else to go, it's quite relaxing sitting at home with our little family doing nothing. So this was not really an event at all... but sometimes, that's the way we like it.

And there are so many things to love about this last picture... that Jacob is successfully identifying his ear (as well as his nose, his head, his toes, his hands, and, as many of you know, his bellybutton).....that the little soccer ball sitting in his lap goes wherever he goes....and that those little feet are quite possibly the cutest feet I have ever seen (and yes, they are still quite chubby).

Our weekend is coming to an end and there will be many more events this week.... Let's hope there is a little bit of sunshine in our future.

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