Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Messes

It's only mid-week and we are ready for a weekend. I continue to look forward to uninterrupted days with my little one. While I'm quite sure I will need a break here and there, it's too early for daily drop-offs and five hour periods of not seeing my baby. I'm not entirely sure we are still in the "baby" phase at fourteen months. This afternoon, I think I got a glimpse of the terrible twos...

Reason #1: I put together Jacob's little tent hoping we could have a boy-form of a tea party inside the tent this afternoon. No pearls or teacups, but surely I thought we could enjoy some snacks and fun inside the tent. Jacob got so excited to see what I had built, he ran out the door, straight into some dog poop, and made a mess of the brand new tent floor. So much for a cute tea party.

Reason #2: Back inside our house, I went to go clean off the poop from Jacob's shoes. I left the little guy alone for two seconds and heard a horrid crashing of things. There was little Jacob just standing in the middle of this mess. Note to Momma to never leave a binkie on a table that Jacob can almost reach. The little man tried to grab it and pulled everything down with him.

Reason #3: He's learning and absorbing and doing everything that we do. It's quite amazing. Duck, dog, bug, and ball are just a few of the words he saying.... and his noises to go along with the animals are just as precious. Not so adorable? Daddy taught him to grunt if he sees someone going to the bathroom. I apologize in advance if you come to my house and use the potty and the little guy starts grunting.... maybe this indicates we can potty train early? I won't get my hopes up.

So if this is what the "terrible twos" has to offer, bring it on. The messes, the accidents, the crazy giggles that make each day worthwhile. I'll take it all. Happy Wednesday to you... may you enjoy your own messes just as much as we do.

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