Friday, April 2, 2010

Celebrate the Moment.

What a perfect day we had today. Perfect weather and special moments. Linzaloo came along for a photo shoot today and, during the couple's outfit change time, she took advantage of the open ground.

When Lindsay and I were much younger, there was a day when we were riding our bikes around the neighborhood. Out of nowhere, Lindsay said to me, "You would be so lucky to have a bigger sister like you." I don't remember anything else about the conversation and I'm not even quite sure how I continue to remember this moment... perhaps because it was just the sweetest thing a (maybe) seven-year-old could say. It's quite funny that Lindsay said this as she (or my little brother) will look back on those years and tell you I was an annoying big sister. I was bossy. We played school and I was the teacher (go figure). We created plays and shows and I was the director. We played dress-up (and even put Justin in a purple leotard) and I got decide what to wear. Ugh... funny (or not) to look back and think of the roles you took on.

Regardless, I still today remember that comment. And Linzaloo is just as sweet today as she was that many years ago... not as shy as some might remember, but still free-spirited, kind, and the type of person you just want around.

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