Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dreaming Big

Someone asked me today how I come up with the things I write about. When I was little, I would always write... stories, poems, fiction, and nonfiction... it didn't really matter. While I can sometimes find the words to make some story, some moment, sound just right, it doesn't always come quite so easily. And on these days, I play a little game. It only takes 120 seconds, because everything is more fun when you are being timed. I give myself 120 seconds to create something magical, sometimes about a moment from the day, sometimes about nothing at all

Here are my best 120 seconds today... wait.. I don't want to lie... I actually took 135.

There are so many things to be happy about today....

... About the fact that spring has literally overtaken everything around us. It's as if someone used my "Boost" action from photoshop and brightened up everything - the skies, the trees, the amazing flowers on my neighbor's front lawn.

.... About my mess of my desk, (also known as our kitchen table) that has my computer, notes, grocery lists, magazines, a new bubble stick, a few leftover jellybeans, and an ice cold glass of water atop it and how, while I could actually locate myself on my desk to work and photoshop and write, I feel more centrally located right where I am.

.... About the way Jacob has learned to blow a kiss and how Phil kisses Jacob goodbye in the morning, leaves the room, but always, always comes back for round two (for Jacob and me).

.... About having dreams and dreaming big and getting excited about the little achievements along the way, like going to sleep with only 21 fans on my new facebook Stephanie Cotta Photography fanpage and waking up with 44 .... and even more excited about the fact that my website went live yesterday.

It's the little things.

Time's up. And I'm smiling thinking about the unorganized mess of words I just created.

Try it. I dare you. 120 seconds. Ready, set, go... the magic awaits.

P.S. If you want to become a fan of Stephanie Cotta Photography, click here.

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