Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Birthday is Coming...

I certainly love the fact that once a year, you get a whole day dedicated to birthday celebrations... to phone calls from expected (and unexpected) callers, to dinners and cakes and candle wishes, to not having to do dishes or laundry or chores, and to even more hugs and kisses and love. For some reason, on this year, I have been given an entire weekend of birthday fun. I'm not quite sure that I am deserving of an entire weekend of celebrations, but I am certainly not one to complain about the fact that my amazing husband still keeps up the romantic surprises. Saturday evening, Philip took me out to Sidney Street Cafe. And while I thought it was just going to be the two of us, my sister and her fiance made a suprise appearance. A few weeks ago, Lindsay had asked me if she should "block off" this night to go out (she's quite the busy lady). I told her absolutely. You can imagine my feelings when I asked if they wanted to make plans a few days earlier and she told me she was busy. In fact, let me show you a glimpse of an email:

"Linzaloo - you asked me 5 weeks ago if you should save that Saturday night for going out with me and I said YES - what in the world?! Grrr... That does not make me happy!"

Leave it to Ms. Linzaloo and Philip to make me the happiest (early) birthday girl. We dined and wined and enjoyed our company; and I enjoyed our quiet adult moments of holding Philip's hand and, yes, staring into those gorgeous blue eyes while having a few hours of uninterrupted fun. Everyone always says how much life changes when you have a baby. My goodness, it really does and I wouldn't change it for the world...but there is something to be said for date nights and free moments...

As for the little guy? He's amazing. He kept us up all night last night, but perhaps he just wanted to make sure he made up for those few hours we were away from him (or he could be teething). He is a climbing baby.... on laundry baskets, on his little chairs, on stairs, and, most recently, on the window sill. Don't ask me how he did it, but he just made his way right up there to get a closer look at Daddy cutting the grass.

As for today's adventure, that is a whole new story. For now, I must start getting ready for my surprise this evening. Did I mention life is amazing?

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