Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Bunnies

I love holidays. I don't fall in that group that believes holidays are too commercialized and just Hallmark's way of making more money and I don't cringe when I walk past the grocery store displays of goodies for holidays two months away. Holidays provide reasons to celebrate, decorate, and spend time with good people in your life. When we were little, I loved when my mom would pull out the big box of decorations... the spiderw ebs for the front door on Halloween, the "Happy Hanukah" sign for the fireplace, or the Valentine's Day hearts and pink-colored rice krispie treats. And while most of the decorations don't surface now that we are all moved out of the house, a few still make an appearance. Now that we have our own little one, I feel it is one of my "mom" roles to decorate accordingly.

This past Sunday, we enjoyed an Easter celebration with Phil's family. Jacob had great fun scurrying through our yard scooping up eggs Phil had hidden... and Philip had great fun quickly consuming all of the chocolate and peeps in Jacob's basket.

And as we conclude our week of celebrations, both Passover and Easter, I can't help but thinking that, holiday or not, each day continues to bring us new moments to treasure.

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