Friday, April 2, 2010

It's That Time of Year...

The soccer season is upon us. More evenings alone for Jacob and me. A lingering smell of damp jerseys and soccer balls in Philip's car. Many conversations with Philip that involve me nodding my head in agreement to soccer terms and plays I still fail to fully grasp. More importantly, it means taking Jacob to watch the games he will undoubtedly learn to love and play, even more so than he already does.

Was it easier to watch these games last year when Jacob was only two months? Of course. With the beauty of a stroller and a pumpkin seat. While I saw more of the grass and the fences while toddling after Jacob to make sure he didn't fly down the bleachers, I could sense the excitement. I love watching Philip coach down below....rotate players on and off the field, strategize, lead them in half-time discussions that I know I will hear after the game.

And while last night was not a win, it certainly was magical watching Jacob down on the field before game time. He seemed so little down on the field, so different than watching him play around in our living room or backyard. Little he may be, but Jacob was ready to play with big kids. Your time will come, Little One....

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