Friday, January 20, 2012

Bedtime, as it should be...

Ever since Audrey's entrance into this world, bedtime has become a bit more challenging for Jacob. I've been told that it can take up to six months for a little one to adjust back to reality after a new baby is brought into the picture. With Audrey almost four months, I'm holding these people to that six month number.

Top three on the cute list for this day... seeing this little feet bouncing around.

She won't look at me at all because she 100% in love with her big brother standing right beside me trying to make her laugh.

Yes, I just made a quick change for this headband and bow and legwarmers... because seriously, how cute is that?

She's almost bumbo ready which means a whole new stage is about to begin... and from what I remember with Jacob, this is when it really gets fun....

Also on the top three list? This image.

because ever since I posed Jacob with his arm behind his head for a few sibling shots when Audrey was just a newborn, he thinks he has to pose that way anytime I take a picture of them together. love.him.

Do I sometimes find Jacob cuddled in her crib? Absolutely. Because seriously, how hard is it for an-almost-three-year-old to see his momma play with his new baby sister in a crib? And more than that, how comfy does that crib look?

If there's just eight more weeks of craziness until we've officially made it to the "adjusted" phase, I'll take it. Because while we all have our moments during the day, at the end of it all, we're still doing okay...

Monday, January 16, 2012

SCP News!

A New Look to Stephanie Cotta Photography...

Be sure to check it out here!!

Stephanie Cotta {the blog}

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Checking In...

We are mid-art project right now (think pink and red paints and lots of glitter.. something about my valentine's day shoot yesterday - see here - made me whip up this type of activity this morning)... so a quick top twelve of our weekend travels to Arkansas to visit some family.

12. Hotel stays. I packed five bags and a container of toys (used about a fourth of everything) but now I have better grasp about how to not over pack for our upcoming trip to Florida.

11. The Reenactment of No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. What kid doesn't want to hear the go-ahead to jump like crazy on a bed.

10. Catching Philip and Audrey Rose Bond. She's oooing and aahing, smiling, and blowing spit bubbles and Philip has mentioned that he loves the fact that she's more a real person now (not sure what he thought of her before....)

(nine-and-a-half). We don't love this one on the list but it made the highlights particularly because Jacob won't stop talking about it. Our first ever visit to urgent care for Jacob. And I think his second ever ear infection. The kid has a rock star immune system.

9. First Year Birthday Celebrations. Our sweet niece Lucy turns one.

8. Train tables. Trains, Thomas, Purcy, and Sodor Line are the forerunners from all the presents this little one acquired over the holidays. And while Daddy has yet to put together his new train table, we have tracks and trains and signs scattered all throughout the house.

7. Smash the cake sessions. The birthday girl wasn't quite into the cake so luckily her big sister stepped right in.

Little man still wasn't feeling well and even though he told me he didn't want lunch or a cupcake (which I knew meant he really wasn't feel well), when they actually made their appearance, he couldn't resist.

6. Snuggle sessions with Mimi. If I ever have to wonder why my children don't sleep on their own after stays with Mimi and Poppa, it's because their Mimi likes to hold them the entire time that they sleep.

5. The New Generation of Grandkids. Four new little ones in the past three years and now there's one more on the way (not us... haha!).

Oh goodness, Audrey Rose, that's not a very pretty face.

4. I Can Wear her on My Hip. Life gets a lot easier (i.e. the ability to multi-task) when I can swing her on my hip. And aside from a few bobble-head moments, we're there.

3. Sexy Husband. I don't know what it is, but there's something sexy about your husband with your girly diaper bag in one hand and the pumpkin seat in the other.

2. Littles in a Tub. He loves his cousins... talked about them the minute we left and wants to know everyday when they can play again.

And Number One.... Family time.

Because seriously, how does it get better than this?

Friday, January 6, 2012

You know you have not been posting regularly enough when...

You are about to post about halloween :)

Ready for it?

World's Cutest Cow.

He wanted to be a cow for quite some time. At any other suggestion, he would kindly tell me, "No, a cow." And so it was... my little baby cow....

And just like with these past holidays, halloween was no different... we soaked up all the halloween activities.. playdates and trick-or-treating at the magic and cute halloween crafts...

I actually just said good-bye to this pumpkin. In January. And of course, Jacob wanted to know why his pumpkin was gone and so I told him it was in the container of all the other halloween decorations and we will return to it next year...

I love his hands and his little chubby fingers.. it still shows the baby in him.

And the candy. For a momma that's never been totally okay with any sort of sugar and junk that is consumed, Halloween can be a challenge.

And perhaps my child knows this, as he always, always asks me before he pops anything into his mouth. Momma, I eat this?

And my other baby back in October? Oh, how little she was...

It's tradition to stop by Mama and Papa's house on Halloween night so they can see all the costumes and give their great-grandchildren a treat of their own (a HUGE chocolate bar and some money for their piggy bank)...

Did you know baby cows love pumpkins?

And to trick-or-treating we went...

I warned Philip that I didn't think the mask was a great idea for two-and-a-half year olds...

Luckily, they seem rather unphased by the whole thing...

One year older... and we thought they couldn't get cuter from last year.

Headed out for a quick weekend trip this weekend.... my first time packing for two babies... but that's for another post :)

Happy Weekend to you!!

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