Wednesday, April 14, 2010

(Almost) Summer

Only six weeks left until summer. And while I had every intention to leave Jacob's new swimsuit packed away nicely until June, it just was too warm of a day to not test it out. The little guy was a little confused as I stripped off his clothes, immediately heading to his bathroom for what he thought was his evening bath time. Outside, I told him. He sprinted towards the patio door, as fast a fourteen-month-old can sprint. Noticing the funny looking object on the grass, he immediately plopped himself in front of it.

I advised Philip to hold off from blasting the water out of the hose for fear of traumatizing Jacob to forever hate sprinklers. And as Philip kindly listened, and as the water started trickling out, what happened next can only be described as.... pure happiness.

After he adjusted to the cold droplets falling on his belly, Jacob and The Water Sprinkler became fast friends. He splished and splashed and toddled round and round this amazing piece of plastic.

He took small breaks from the water to play on his swing set. Regardless of what he is climbing - the stairs, the ladder, the slide - he always, always turns around to make sure one of us is there. I love this little glance - the I'm-such-a-daredevil-but-I-still-need-someone-behind-me look. And while perhaps he may not always be thinking he needs us behind him, little does he know,

we will always be there.

What fun times this summer will bring...

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