Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Little Bit of Birthday Party Fun

Birthday parties are even more fun for us now then they were a few months ago. With Jacob up and moving and taking part in all the festivities, I think he actually enjoys the event more. He may not exactly know what we are celebrating, but he certainly must appreciate the fact that his momma lets him have some sweet treats (in the form of cookies and cupcakes) that he doesn't regularly get. Actually, I'm lying. Momma didn't let him even have any deliciousness at the first birthday party (he had grapes)... but I kept my word and at the second party he had a cookie and a cupcake. Perhaps I am withholding these sugar balls a tad too much, because the child consumed this cookie faster than I could snap three pictures. He literally inhaled the entire thing at once. And was one happy camper, dancing around waiting to see who would hand him something tasty next.

We celebrated Rainey's birthday with a few rides on the carousel. My Little Man was quite happy during the first few spins around, but then he climbed up and nuzzled into Daddy's arms. I think we will have to wait a few more years before a Disney adventure.

I love seeing my playgroup mammas. On our first playdate, we all arrived with a pumpkin seat in hand and rocked our little four month babies until they were calm, every so often placing all eight of them on their back to stare up and attempt some belly rolls. Oh, how quickly these times have changed....

There must be something special about the relationships that form during playgroups. Because at our second birthday party of the day, my mom's playgroup friend (from when Jason and her first child were just six months old) stopped by for a visit. Even though they now live out of town, they have still kept in touch after all of these years. Peggy and Meghan, it was so great seeing you!!

A very, very Happy Birthday to Jackson who turns TWO tomorrow. We had such a fun time at the park this afternoon. And you, my little nephew, had great fun playing with your cars and eating your own birthday cupcakes.

I continue to feel so blessed with how much love is in our life. Many people have commented that Jacob must laugh and smile and giggle all of the time because of Phil and me, but you see...

it takes a whole family to raise a little one.

And my family includes all of these amazing people.

There is something special about the bond between a son and his father. Between Jacob and Philip. Between Dad and Poppy. An I-look-up-to-you-more-than-you-know bond. They just get each other.

Just as special? The love between two seesters. And Linzaloo, I am so very proud of you for completing yet another half marathon in rock star time.

Another weekend is wrapping up and a new week of busyness will be starting too soon. Until another free moment, good night.

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