Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just Another Beautiful Day.

It's amazing how quickly you learn how to multi-task, particularly after you have a child. As I type this, I'm simultaneously generating a grocery list, editing images from a recent session, wiping down the counters from lunch, and telling our adorable little next door neighbor girl to please stop knocking on the door because Jacob is still napping and I promise to bring him out to play again when he awakes. And when a thought comes to me, I quickly click back to this screen and jot down a few words.

Yesterday evening, we headed out to watch Phil coach another game. A big win this time. Jacob loves the time before the game, as he can follow around Daddy and kick, kick, kick on the big field.

The Coach and his assistant.

We actually run into quite a dilemma when the game begins, as the little man doesn't quite grasp the fact that he can't go dashing for the balls. I attempt to keep him occupied with a few snacks and, for a good five minutes, he is content.

Today we have been enjoying the amazing weather outside. As Jacob has been walking for about four months now, Philip thinks it is time we let him try some more things on his own. Exhibit A... Jacob is successfully hanging from the monkey bars and sliding down the slide all by himself. Mom, before you call me about this, please notice Philip's hands right there. He is safe, we promise. :)

And who doesn't love a good swing session?

He did manage to sit still for a few minutes to let me take a couple of "I'm almost fourteen-months" shots.

I hear a little one stomping around in his crib. Momma duty is back on. We are off to enjoy the rest of our beautiful day. Cross your fingers that the Ice Cream Truck comes by for an afternoon popsicle treat. Enjoy your own sweet moments....

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