Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welcome back, Monday.

Monday has come all too quickly after a rain filled weekend. With all of our time indoors, I should be more organized on this first weekday morning, but I still see stacks of paper that must be put away, laundry that must be folded, and photographs that needs frames and positions on walls. With the number of pictures I take of our little family, you would think I would have innumerable photographs hung on the walls of our home, but this is far from the truth. The problem is that, because I am constantly taking photographs of our family, I continue to wait for that next perfect moment. There are so many of these moments to choose from...

Like during a short burst of sun this weekend when we headed out for a tricycle ride and Daddy kept showing Jacob how to pop a wheelie.

Or trying to show Jacob how to make his own feet pedal the bike.

Or Jacob giving up on stretching his legs out that far, especially when he discovered it was much more fun to give the tricycle a ride. And our little circle around our neighborhood took much longer than it should this way.

Or how Philip has the most patience and lets his little one lead the way the entire walk.

Or the rain boots that made their second appearance of the weekend and I was proud to show Philip that Jacob would wear those shoes more than his predicted one time.

It's hard to choose my favorite, but choosing I will do. Right after my delicious sugar-free red bull and some organizing....

A happy Monday to you.

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