Saturday, May 8, 2010


"If you want to be happy, be." [leo tolstoy]

A somewhat lazy Saturday. Slighter colder than an average May day, but we didn't mind. We continue to teach this little one to explore, to learn, to be happy. How could we not be happy with these little moments?

The Blankie. A newfound attachment to the blankie. It travels wherever he is and when he needs his hands to maneuver through the house, he just pops it in his mouth so it can stay right with him.

The Barbie Car. Our sweet neighbor sometimes parks her car in the backyard and Jacob tested out the wheels today. Philip assured us that Jacob's car would not be pink, but I thought he looked quite cute in this set of Hot Wheels.

The excitement really came when he finally figured out that pushing his foot to the pedal actually made the car go.

Best Friends. So much fun seeing my high school best friend today. In high school, we named ourselves Emphanie. But that's a story for another post.

This Focus. I have to sometimes remind myself that he is only fourteen months. Like after lunch today, when he went over to his potty that we just have sitting in our living room and he started grunting while lifting the seat up and down. A minute later, some little one had made a nice little mess. Coincidence? Perhaps. Or maybe not.

My Husband. Who really loves me. And not just the we-are-married-love. It's the I-still-look-at-you-like-I-did-before-we-were-married-love. And that's an awesome feeling.

Pretty in Pink. Right in our front yard.

Kisses. Yep, I get them all day. Sometimes I ask for them and sometimes they come at the most unexpected moments. I can only hope that this never changes...


And Laughter. All the time. When I was little, people used to tell me that if I had a dime for everytime I laughed, I would be a millionare. I think I got that lucky.

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