Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On motherhood... and (not always) being the perfect momma

My little man will be fifteen months in just a week and things are getting a little more interesting in our home. I've never been one to restrain Jacob to one area of our house. I let him explore the house as he sees fits and we discuss things that are dangerous and no good for him. He even makes little grunting noises at the electrical outlets because this is the sound we make when we explain to him that his little fingers do not belong in those interesting little holes.

Yesterday evening, I was folding laundry. Yes, I do fold laundry (occasionally). My little duckling usually follows me around while I do this, pulling everything out of the basket after it is folded and handing it to me so I can refold and do it all again. On this night, Jacob did not want to fold laundry... off he went playing with his toys (or so I thought). I took this opportunity to actually make some progress with the clothes until I heard.... nothing.

I popped my head out of the laundry room and Jacob was sucking on the top of the Shout bottle. Even worse? When I removed the bottle from his mouth, the little plastic red tip was gone.

Jacob Allan, I told him, we do not eat the Shout bottle! (When, in my life, did I ever think I would be saying that phrase). I never did find that top part of the bottle, but when Philip returned home, he assured me that there was no way Jacob could have swallowed the lid and, even more unlikely, that he could have consumed any substantial amount of liquid. Did he question how Jacob got ahold of the bottle without me noticing? No, but that's why we love him. Did I believe him that Jacob was completely unharmed? No, but that's why I am the mom. I ended up holding Jacob almost the entire night just to make sure his little body was okay.

The perfect momma? Not quite. We all have our moments. As for the Shout bottle, it is now tucked away in a (locked) cabinet and this little guy is doing just fine.

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