Saturday, May 15, 2010

A 55 year old celebration begins with...

A big surprise, of course. My dad certainly would not want a celebration in his honor so Mom had to go a tad behind his back and do a little planning. It all started with a cute little bow tie and a cute little boy many, many years ago.

Then came the bow ties for everyone invited... because what is a birthday party without a theme?

The birthday man himself was then brought to the event... where he thought he was going to a nice, quiet dinner with his wonderful wife.

Until he realized that there were many of his loved ones waiting for him.

A little cake and some birthday wishes and a blind fold that he refused to wear into the restaurant but allowed my mom to put it back on him for a few pictures.

And a whole lot of love. You would think these guys were brothers or something.

In fact, they are. And sons to one amazing dad.

But then again, maybe that's why our dad is the best. Because he learned from the best.

And that's a fifty-five year old celebration. Happy Birthday to the greatest Daddy-O in the world.

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