Friday, May 7, 2010

Let the Painting Begin...

I'm not an artist. At least not the paint/draw/sculpt and create a masterpiece type of an artist. But I still feel it is right to let Jacob unleash his creativity and see if he has a little of Yaya's artistic ability in him... And so we headed over to Paint me Pottery for our day of fun.

In the little tots went into the high chairs and out dribbled the paints...

The lady working there promised us that the paints were nontoxic (read: ok to eat) and would wash off their clothes. I still cringed when I witnessed Jacob's buddy taste some of the goodies.... I felt pleased that Jacob was seemingly very interested in painting his object.

Until I looked away for two seconds and the little booger just had to try it.

We did manage to get some paint on his plates, as well as his clothes, the tables, and the high chairs. And since the lady working continued to assure us that everything would come out.... we just let them paint whatever they wanted.

How precious it was to watch them get their little hands painted blue to create their handprints.

The boys slapped high fives at the masterpieces they created... Our little Van Goghs.

The perfect mother's day presents for Jacob's Grandmas. We look forward to our special day this weekend.... it will surely be filled with surprises, special moments, and lots of love.

Now that's something to cheer about...

Happy Friday to you!

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