Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A (baby) glimpse of summer.

It's about time for some relaxation...

...for putting up our feet, sitting back, and enjoying this delicious warm weather. For giggling at nothing at all because isn't it better to spend time laughing and being silly than doing nothing of the sort.

...for getting a little dirty and running around with no shoes on because sometimes it's more fun to feel the grass between our toes (and what perfectly curled little toes this little one has).

....for exploring and observing, for learning and listening.

...for doing whatever we want to do (even if it means refusing to wear the world's cutest pair of sunglasses). For no schedules and new schedules, and perhaps even the end of some little one's bottles and binkies.

...for just being. For being happy and content and comfortable in our life.

And loving, just loving, every single moment of it.

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