Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hello, Rainy Weekend.

Hello, New Rain Boots.

It wasn't the perfect weekend. I came down with a bug and we spent most of Friday at Yaya's house where I positioned myself on the couch and Jacob in the kitchen with Yaya cooking up homemade chicken noodle soup. Let me tell you, that soup has magic healing powers. And my mom knows it. The second I called her (at 4:30 Friday morning), I knew she was already planning her grocery list to whip up some of the magic potion. Twenty-eight and still going to my parent's house when I am sick? Philip did have to go to work and I did need some help with the little guy, but it's true,

everyone needs a little momma love when they are not feeling well.

When I did start feeling better, out and about we went. Testing out new rain boots and testing out perfectly baby-sized ice cream cones.

Hello, Happy Boy.

He loved it. Just ate the whole thing right up.

When he was done with all the good stuff, he fed the rest of his cone to his puppies and was off to play. Because the good thing about rain boots, is that a little mud and water doesn't matter one bit.

The perfect weekend? Not exactly. But we make the best of it. And that's something to smile about.

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