Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Little angels...

It doesn't really matter if it was a very long day of work after getting up at 4:30 this morning because some little one couldn't sleep; it doesn't matter that I had to clean up the mess that our fourteen year old puppy left for me again when we returned home from our day; and it doesn't matter that I have piles of laundry in corners of our house even though I think I just did some. It doesn't matter because regardless of what happens.... I always get greeted by this:

Pure joy. Crazy excitement that his momma is home. I love the little waddle that begins when he spots my face, the hands in the air, the eight-toothed cheesy smile that spreads across his face. Momma is home. And I wonder how long this insane happiness that I have arrived will last. I'm thinking middle school might be a stretch, but I'd like to think that my little man will still be running to me with a big bear hug in third grade. Or maybe I'll just treasure these moments now.

On a side note, before leaving for work today, my dad asked me to leave my car at their house. My mom text me mid-day to say, "Dad has been working on your car ALL DAY." You may think this is an exaggeration, but then again you had not seen my car. Let's just say I haven't quite maintained that whole "clean car" thing. You may find chewed up cheerios, baby clothes, sweatshirts, an extra pair of shoes, straws, receipts, tambourines, stuffed animals, empty water bottles... and that may be just in the back seat. I returned home to this:

A perfectly clean, "new car" smelling, beautiful car. My dad scrubbed and washed and scrubbed some more; he vacuumed and wiped down seats and baby drools; he bagged up clothes and cleaned out every inch of my car. Even more? A full tank of gas. Later this evening, when I text my Daddy-o telling him that he has no idea how much I appreciate what he did, he responded "I like doing it for you." He is truly that amazing of a father. I promise to try extra hard to keep my car in this state for at least a good month.

Back at home? The return of the chalk. And this activity is getting even more fun now that the chalk is spending more time on the ground instead of in a baby mouth.

We created chalk angels and I tried helping Jacob see where the hands and feet and mouth on Jacob was on his angel.

But he just got the biggest kick out of me tracing his little body, that he just kept lying back down on the ground and so we created a whole village of chalk angels.

A long day? Quite possibly... but somehow it is all forgotten with these happy moments.

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