Friday, May 21, 2010

Busy Momma.

I can't even believe it is already Friday. This morning, my most impatient reader (my sister), was texting, yahoo messaging, and facebooking me telling me I have not had a new post all week. We sat at my parent's house last night laughing hysterically about the fact that we are the kids on Parenthood. It was an easy decision on who was who. Jason was the oldest son, Adam, the one who fixes things and has a kinda crazy little one (who we love). I was Julia because, as my sister stated, I would bring someone that was sick "homemade chicken noodle soup" as I secretly dumped in delicious store-bought soup. Linzaloo was Sarah, the free-spirited little soul who still lives at Mom and Dad's (and she would, too, if she wasn't getting married soon). And Justin, the littlest of us all living in San Diego (who we miss dearly) was Crosby, the youngest of the family who still has his Mom do his laundry and whose humor and personality is just priceless. Strange that we fit so perfectly? Perhaps. Even stranger that we actually had an entire conversation about this on fb? Definitely.

The only thing that doesn't quite fit is the fact that, in real life, our parents are still so very happily married and Justin does not have a baby boy... that we know about.

So Linzaloo, or Sarah, I'm sorry I don't have a longer post for you. I am in the process of packing up my classroom and ending my year and career as a teacher which makes me so totally happy and sad at the same time for I will miss my students, their crazy high school drama and stories and teaching them math and all things important. I will miss telling them stories about Jacob and being a part of this amazing little community. More to come about this later, but I am also overly excited about being home with my little one, focusing my energy on my photography and having amazing, powerful sessions like this one.

A busy day awaits us right now, but I promise you stories and pictures and special moments will arrive this weekend....

Happy Friday.

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