Saturday, March 13, 2010

Up, Up, and Away!

I had this vision that traveling by plane with our little man at twelve months would be as easy as it was when he was four months. I was very wrong. To start with, our plane was delayed. So my plan of feeding Jacob on the plane to occupy us for at least ten minutes failed. We walked up and down the area around our gate while we were waiting. This is perfect, I thought, he will be so tired, he will just fall right to sleep when we board. I would give him a bottle during takeoff and he would drift away to dreamland. Wrong again, Mommy. He starting drinking the bottle as the wheels starting rolling and then wanting nothing to do with it. It's not that he was bad on the plane. Just squirmy. Philip and I passed him back and forth (and back and forth again) and then up to Aunt Lindsay and Jonny and with twenty minutes left on the plane, the little booger fell fast asleep.

I wish I could write that this was our only minor bump in our trip. We then had to deal with our rental company that didn't have a toddler car seat that we reserved, so we had no other choice but to shove Jacob in a pumpkin seat that he outgrew three months ago. We then met our enemy for the rest of the trip: Houston traffic. When we finally arrived at Matthew and Robin's at midnight, we did have such a great time playing poker and seeing the family (we always do, of course). More to come on our adventures from Friday...

Being passed back and forth on the airplane between Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Lindsay, and soon-to-be Uncle Jonny!

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