Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Rodeo. (Texas Style)

The story continues....

We all headed out to the famous Texas rodeo Friday morning. Warm weather + sun + family = a good time. We ate delicious bbq and saw all different animals. The highlight was the petting zoo where Jacob could actually walk around with the baby goats, pigs, etc... and feed them food. I can't lie and say I was not nervous as we trampled through animal mess and dirty fur... but Phil kept things pretty much under control. After we were sufficiently tired, we headed out to our hotel. An oil spill on the highway, an event that the newspapers deemed a "Perfect Storm," caused our expected fifteen minute drive to turn into a two hour ordeal. We had just enough time to check in, get showered, and dressed before we headed to the temple for Shabbat Services. Needless to say, the traffic was not over. Every street was gridlocked and we pulled up to the temple just as services were ending. It became quite comical to hear everyone's stories about their driving disasters. My parents got hit by a driver that had fallen asleep at the wheel and we are thankful that they were not hurt. We were much in need of mexican food and margaritas by the time we actually arrived to the rehearsal dinner. Let me just say that today we refused to go anywhere by car and spent the day taking walks outside and shopping!

Tonight is the big event!



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Caitlin said...

This is the BEST picture ever!!! Oh man- you should send it in to a magazine! I love it!

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