Monday, March 8, 2010

Time for New Shoes!

Today was a big day for the little man! I realized that I could no longer shove Jacob's chunky little feet into his shoes and so we headed to Stride Rite to get some new ones. I was lectured by the sales lady that his old shoes were way too small, too narrow for his feet, and did not give him enough support for as much as he was walking. I nodded my head and took my scolding. Bad mommy. It turns out Jacob is a size 6 (he was in a size 4 - oops) and he needs extra-wide shoes. I thought all toddlers' feet were as chunky as his, but I was wrong. I was told I am only to buy extra-wide shoes for him. We decided on the cutest pair of "approved" shoes, the only problem being that the velcro ones had to be shipped over from another store. We pick them up tomorrow. Until then, I will take the mean looks from any other individuals that believe I am a no-good-shove-your-baby's-fat-feet-into-too-small-shoes mom.

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