Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring has Arrived

It was 60 degrees this morning. We didn't follow our usual morning routine. We didn't build with blocks or play the piano or read books; we didn't even eat breakfast on time (we even skipped coffee for mom); we went directly outside to play. No shoes allowed.

Jacob was a little unsure of the wet grass between his little toes....

He smelled the flowers and trees, just like his Yaya taught him.

And he got dirty. And this reminded myself to allow him to get messy and play mud and discover the beauty in things that might not seem so pretty.

Our first year together. Joined at the hip. Figuring everything out together.

And as I scrambled to get the above shot, Jacob was already trying to wiggle out of my arms, to discover things on his own, to walk on his own two feet... Thank goodness he still needs a hand to hold...

And we sat on our porch, watching our calm subdivision after everyone had left for work and the children had left for school. I wonder where those little feet will go... up and down soccer sidelines, through school hallways, graduation stages, wedding aisles.....

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