Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rain, Rain...

I had this vision that our playtime in the rain today would result in these amazing pictures; that Jacob would be stomping barefoot in big puddles, giggling as the water splashed up on his little legs. You can imagine my surprise when things didn't exactly go as planned. He didn't like the cold water on his feet and didn't exactly think the rain dropping on his head was peachy. I've never seen the child demand to go inside quicker then he did at our five minute session outside.

Back inside, Jacob displayed a new trick he recently picked up. He lays on his belly and pushes himself backward using his arms; he literally slides across the entire kitchen floor. It's quite cute to watch a little twenty-four pound tot do this with such grace. It also makes me glad that I just steam cleaned our kitchen floor. That's right; I just opened our steam mop that we received as a wedding present. Philip was quite shocked that I initiated this cleaning session. To be honest, I wasn't driven to clean the floor by the fact that the floor really should be cleaned after however many weeks of acquiring dirt and dust and Jacob's food, but by the fact that I actually thought it would be fun to push around this little device. Regardless, the job got done and I was proud of my solid seven minutes of cleaning.

There's much more exciting things to do during my days then spend time worrying about cleaning the house (unless it's with fun cleaning objects and, if you know of anymore good ones, please send them my way).

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