Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer games.

It's 11:32 in the morning. The coffee is just starting to brew (way past the time I really needed it) and the little one is just starting to stir from his morning nap. I'm still in workout clothes from this morning's only outing and my house looks like it has just been hit with a tornado. And frankly, that's just the way we like it right now. Between a couple of very busy days doing some awesome shoots and enjoying our not-so-lazy summer days, there's just not much time for cleaning.

This story begins with a little boy and his baseball.

And almost perfect evenings (minus the thousand mosquito bites I have up and down my legs and feet) watching Daddy play a game of softball. What is it about a guy on a baseball field that makes him feel like he is eighteen again trying out for the majors. It's quite cute actually... having your thirty-six year old husband run up to you after the game proudly whispering in your ear (so no one around him can hear, of course), "three for three... did you see them? three for three..." Later, when we are settled back in our home, he'll ask again, "did you see all three of them?" And last night, I failed. I thought his third hit went between first and second. Nope, "you missed it," I was told, "right over the third basemen's head."

I do have a small excuse. Someone must keep the little one occupied. The little man thinks he is the ball player and it's his time on the field. Just grabs his ball and gloves and thinks he can run right out there and hang with the thirty-something-year-olds.. Soon enough, Little One, I explain. Daddy's playing right now.

So what do we do? We eat, of course. For as long as he will comfortably sit in his stroller.

Bananas and animal crackers and whatever else the other mommas bring to the field to occupy their own little ones.

And we play gently with our friends. Because my very sweet little one thinks it is quite funny to hit people in the face. And I don't think he knows it will hurt and I don't think he quite knows that it is not a nice thing to do... but we are learning.

He spared this little friend (his very first little friend from many months ago) from any hits and she was kind enough to give Jacob a very sweet hug and even plant a wet little kiss on his face. True love...

And when we cannot possibly occupy the little ones any longer... the daddies are done. Celebration.

Celebrating summer and baseball games and little boys with their baseball...

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