Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lovely days...

Everyday he changes. He's growing bigger. Taller, too. I know this because his little fingers can now successfully reach my make-up drawer in our bathroom, open it, and grab whatever containers his little hands can reach and toss them to the ground. Pretty colors on the floor, yes. Mommy's favorite eye shadow destroyed, not so much.

And smarter. As evidence from the fact that sometimes (just like his daddy) he needs to catch up the day's events.

We are finally able to start attempting some art projects. And while they can only take a maximum of five minutes and he doesn't quite fully understand what he is creating, the final product, displayed so proudly on my kitchen window above my sink, is just beautiful. What momma doesn't wait for the moments when she can display her little one's art?

Proudly supporting our country, particularly when cheering them on during today's soccer game. And while he didn't quite understand that we didn't pull out a win, it's amazing to watch him see the game on television, grab his own soccer ball, and attempt to replicate their moves.

He's changing, all right. But that love, that huge love for life, paired with that huge, gorgeous smile, is still the same.

And thank goodness for that.

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Louise Andersson said...

how gorgeous ! really sweet kid :)

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