Saturday, July 3, 2010

Little Moments

Summer is as good as gets right now. There is so much I want to remember about these days...

American Flag Tootsie Rolls, Baby.

More importantly, a parade to kick start the fourth of july weekend.

Pointing to everything and anything that we want to see up close and then, when Mr. Clown satisfies his wish and comes over for a chat, absolutely losing it, climbing in Daddy's arms, and happily waving bye-bye when Mr. Clown rides far, far away.

Remembering 1776. (Ok, so I might have needed a little help from Philip for that one.) Remembering why we celebrate this weekend and being thankful that I have someone like Philip to share these historical facts to Jacob because, without him, he might be as historically challenged as me (not that I am proud of that).

Bubbles and balloons. Possibly two of the greatest inventions for children, as it never fails to produce that this-is-the-coolest-thing-i-have-ever-seen look from the little ones.

Actually, ditto with horses. Unfortunately, however, not always as easy to obtain to entertain the little ones as bubbles and balloons.

Momma friends... because without them, we might just go crazy. Or we might not get ourselves into situations at seven o'clock in the morning before the parade when we are way too tired from last night's outings and our stomach hurts way too much from those two white castles we didn't really want to eat on the way home. Worth the pain? Absolutely.

Grandmas. Particularly Grandma's lap which comes in quite handy when the little one doesn't want to watch the excitement from his stroller anymore.

Watermelon snacks. And not your everyday cut-up watermelon pieces in our highchair snack. Today we let loose and gave Little Man his very own slices.

And after establishing that we don't eat the green part, he did just fine.

Gobbled the whole thing right up and then asked for another.

I was lucky enough to snag a small bite. Still lovin' his momma.

And finally, we all want to remember this house. The house that Philip's parents are saying good-bye to in just a few days. Forty-four years. And while there are millions of memories that have been made within these walls, a new home will be made, where millions more memories will be created...

Off to enjoy many more little moments with a few of my favorite people....

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