Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Good Days.

Made possible by this little one. This little one that allowed me to weigh him at The Magic House and weighed in at a whopping 26 pounds and 12 ounces.

In the little village, they have mini-sized versions of everything you can imagine... mini grocery stores, libraries, research labs, restaurants, and, one of my favorites, a mini hospital with a perfectly-sized mini nursery with pretend babies. And for a moment, I saw a glimpse into the future, perhaps not long from now, where my first little one might so carefully hold a new little baby brother or sister and take on the proud role of "Big Brother."

For there is no doubt in my mind that my first born will be quite the amazing big brother to whoever may someday come into our family.

Of course, I wonder how that life will be... how it will be to share my time with another little one. Yet for right now, we just enjoy our precious little moments all to ourselves.

And while he's always been a cuddler, always been one to peacefully cling to my hip, he is slowly becoming much more independent, wanting to do more and more on things on his own, like feed himself his Dora yogurt (which results in him taking in less than half of the container), attempt to sit on the potty (which results in a little pool of pee on my kitchen floor because we can't quite time the actually event of peeing and sitting on his potty right), and here, climb up the wall of the swingset (which he does rather successfully).

These are the good days. Hot, summer days that usually ends in freeze pops.

And always end in smiles.

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