Monday, July 19, 2010

Rock & Soul.

Around this time a few years ago, the invites were out, the final touches on the big day were being planned, and Philip and I were getting ready to walk down the aisle. Oh, sweet memories....

So to celebrate our anniversary, we decided a mini-vacation, sans our little one, was in order.

Hello, Memphis.

Well, that wasn't quite our first stop. Philip insisted we take a detour to visit Shiloh, a Civil War battlefield.

Only the most romantic treatment for his sweetie.

I managed to endure the 127 minutes we spent at the site, retain some of the minute details shared to us during a small program, and regurgitate these stories back to Philip while leaving Shiloh to show him I was paying attention. True love, Baby.

And then, my friends, the real fun began... Hello, Beale Street.

It was only our second time away from Jacob for a period of three days. I managed to call home to the grandmas (who split the time) only a few times a day. And the rest of the day? I soaked up (and loved) every single moment of it with this guy...

I developed a slight fascination for these little guys... the Beale Street Flippers. These little boys that, day and night, flipped and twirled, backwards and forwards, all down a block of Beale Street.

We ate, we danced, we walked and talked, slept in, toasted a few delicious "fat ass beers" (as they call them on Beale Street), and thought about how good we have it... And the great thing about Beale Street is that, I think, everyone is thinking the same thing. It is an incredibly carefree three blocks, with live music in every restaurant and bar, dancing in the streets, and people of all ages and types enjoying the moments...

And then, of course, we visited Graceland. And my husband showed me how to rock out like Elvis and reminded me that I didn't fall in love with him for his dance moves....

Around this time of the year, I start to wonder if we are everything we were when we first said "I do." Are we still this happy?

Nah, who am I kidding? It's a thousand times better....

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