Monday, July 26, 2010

A Wedding Day.

A day that I never want to forget. Not one single moment of it.

The moments before we saw each other...

(all photographs by Kathie Belfield)

And those perfect moments right after. Those moments where I looked into his eyes and thought, how did I get this lucky?

The moments when my dad first saw me, cried, and then strategically turned his back to the camera so his tears couldn't be captured.

Our amazing friends and family that were there throughout the whole day, even for the three hours we traveled across the entire St. Louis area in ninety degree weather for the most perfect photographs. True friendship.

I want to always remember the walk down the aisle. How I had both of my parents supporting me, and not just my weight because I was slightly fearful about having one of those traumatic incidents of tripping on my gown, but truly supporting us and our marriage. I want to remember walking down the aisle to meet him.... how I was scared before the doors opened, but seeing him, seeing his eyes, made me lose sight of everyone else in the room.

I want to remember how Philip was so nervous to step and break the glass, scared that it wouldn't actually break, that when he actually did successfully break the glass, he cheered. A full on i-just-scored-the-winning-goal cheer. And everyone cheered with him.

And the very first kiss as husband and wife....

I want to remember being introduced for the very first time as Mr. & Mrs. Cotta.

And the funny moments where Philip went right on up under my dress to remove my garter to throw to the boys...

The moment where it was my time to pass on the wedding bouquet and I secretly knew I was going to throw it to my little sister, but we still acted quite excited and surprised when it landed in her arms. And guess what? She's getting married this fall.

Our first dance. Where he whispered how much he loved me in my ear and we looked quite graceful swaying in each other's arms to Bless the Broken Road.

I want to remember the first day of the rest of our lives.... I couldn't have asked for a more perfect way to live.

Happy anniversary to my Philip, you are everything I have ever wanted. I dream bigger because of you and you make all my dreams come true. Thank you for loving me that much.

A romantic anniversary evening? We just returned from an incredible mini-vacation in Chicago.... the little one is tucked away and our frozen pizza and wedding video awaits us... Life is good.

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