Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Celebrate the 4th.

Celebrate we did. And I'd love to be able to make a substantial, profound post right now with sentimental and silly stories from the big day, but I'm tired from today's fun of a wonderful newborn shoot, playing with my little one, and running errands for the preparation of my sister's bachelorette party this weekend, and frankly, I can' t possibly organize this mess of pictures. So I leave you with that excuse and these wonderful (unorganized) images from a day that was so worth celebrating. Happy 4th of July, Baby.

Of course, another watermelon creation from my momma.

Cheeeeeeesseeee (mosticiolli) face from the little man.

Sisters. Sisters that live too far apart from one another, but still maintain that unbreakable bond. Not pictured? Their rendition of "Be my little baby bumblebee" that they continue to sing (and dance) as they did when they were little girls in tutus.

World, meet my delicious creation. Unfortunately, it only looked pretty from the top view. Inside was a mess of yellow cake, strawberries, blueberries, cool whip, and strawberry ice cream. All things I love and all things that should not be put together to create a fancy looking cake.

My older brother, Jason. Currently embarking on a new journey in his life and doing so in rock star style.

On the left, Linzaloo. Miss "I'm-not-posing-in-this-one".

Family pictures.

And the preparation for a family picture... this one trickier as we try to pose the five great-grandchildren with their very special great-grandparents. Notice all of the women in the back getting ready to fire rapid camera shots.

The result. Not perfect, but we got the job done.

A toast with the most delicious beer of the summer. Michelob Ultra Dragon Fruit Peach.

Taking a breather on the pool table with Daddy-O.

We must have looked really cool because more and more people kept piling on the table.

Sweet child of mine (who doesn't love that song?). That absolutely loves smelling flowers.

One of the highlights of the day? The sparklers. Extra-long sparklers that should not be held solely by a sixteen-month-old.

He just really liked it. Actually, he's almost seventeen months.

Some calmer moments with adult instruction.

We then decided that something was wrong with these sparklers. Certainly this much smoke could not be good (or normal).

Us. Just like we should be.

And later in the night, after the little one was fast asleep, the adults snuck out for some fireworks and alone time....

We toasted the night...

And enjoyed its every moment.

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