Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome, June.

And welcome art project #1 of summer. Jacob, meet the magical wonders of finger paints.

As I rolled out the long white paper, taped it to the deck, and sliced open the red paint, Philip praised my creativity and said he was thankful I thought of these activities for Jacob. I told him he should be thanking our friends at Target, who properly placed this amazing stack of finger paints in the shelves near the check-out where my little one was entirely done shopping for summer gear, refusing to eat anymore animal crackers, where my arms were getting tired from holding him on one arm and pushing the cart in the other because some little one did not feel like sitting in the cart any longer, and where the thought of creating an activity at home that would surely last more than five minutes was incredibly enticing. Do you think our friends at Target envisioned this very scene as they placed the finger paints at the check-out aisle? Surely they were hoping that the mommies wouldn't think two steps ahead at the mess that would result from this activity... nonetheless the mom that would opt to choose red as the first color to paint.

These are the things that first-time mommas don't quite always think about.

But, my goodness, look at the fun we had.

Happy mess...

....which inevitably leads to happiness.

The most creative project? Not exactly, Philip. Let's leave that to at least art project #14 of the summer. Don't you just smile when you hear that word?

Summer. Baby's second summer.

And this time, it's going to be double the fun.

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