Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Lovin'

I love nights that start like this....

... with dirty dishes piled high and leftovers from dinner still on the table just so we can head outside and soak up every bit of the remaining sunshine.

I love that my parents kept almost every single one of our toys that we played with growing up and how they are getting every bit of the attention now as they did twenty years ago. Like this skateboard that Yaya insisted that Jacob is coordinated enough to ride.

Which, of course, looked too much fun to resist our own attempts down the driveway.

I love the determination from this almost sixteen-month-old in mastering the art of throwing everything and anything he can get his little hands on..... including the fork that was chucked at my head this afternoon during lunch. And no matter how many billion times I explain to the little one that forks are for eating and balls are for throwing, I think it may be a few more months before we successfully grasp hold of this concept.

I love Yaya and Pop's decision to head out for ice cream at the exact time that Jacob should be heading to bed because, if nothing else, it is summer and this is exactly what summer is for. Stealing his grandma's ice cream cone so he can have one in each hand? Well, that may not be what summer is for, but that is certainly what Yaya's are for.

As well as continually filling up Jacob's cup with water after an ice cream treat only for him to dump it all over himself, hold his cup up to Yaya, and sign "more" (one of his favorite motions which I have decided I may not teach to any future babies as Jacob has decided it is not really necessary to learn how to say the word "more" if he can just continue signing it).

Oh my, I love that smile. I love the fact that this little one is upstairs sleeping soundly cuddled next to his Daddy because he still hasn't quite adjusted to sleeping in his own crib since the cruise. Yes, it may not be the best move, but shouldn't we really just embrace these little moments of neediness and cuddle time with our first little boy and only start to worry if he is still sleeping in our bed in ten years?

And I do love nights that end with a cuddle session so that, my friends, is where I am headed....

All nights should be this grand.

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