Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day.

It's amazing to watch an entirely new kind of love develop for your spouse after the birth of your first little one. It's not that I ever doubted that he would be a great father, but there is something almost magical about watching the man you love, love a child, your child, more than they probably ever deemed possible.

And, my goodness, does he love his son. There is not a day goes by when, in the middle of anything, he looks at me with his most serious look and says, "We have the best kid."

And we do. Not that there aren't a million amazing kids out there already, but this one is pretty darn special. It's impossible to not smile with this little one around... this little one who loves everything and anything about his life.

And who can blame him? He's got the most fantastic father looking out for him. In the car ride home the other day, Jacob kept saying "Mom! Mom!... Mom! Mom!" over and over again (even with Philip saying "Dad Dad!") and I thought it would be quite comical to ask Jacob, "Who do you love the most," of course expecting a "Mom! Mom!" to pop out. Nope. Wrong Mommy.

"Da Da!" Jacob said.

Philip beamed and I pretended to pout, really thinking to myself that this was all just fine. All little boys should love their daddy as much as mine.

The cheesy smile continues. For some reason, saying "Cheese" to Jacob makes him bend forward, stick out his arms, and pop on the world's cutest cheese face.

So what does Philip do? Joins in on the fun, of course.

It melts my heart to see how much Philip loves his son. And it's not that you can learn all the things to do to be a good daddy... you can read on how to hold them, feed them, and meet those physical needs... but you can't teach a daddy how to love. And he's already mastered that. Loving. Perhaps that is because this was just one thing he was supposed to be in life. A father.

Happy Father's Day, to my Philip, to the most amazing dad to our little Jacob. You make our little family perfect. We will always feel safe and loved and happy, and entirely complete, with you leading the way....

And to my father, the greatest daddy-0 in the world, I continue to understand how lucky I really am to have you as my dad. You have shown me how to be a good person, a hard and dedicated worker, and an individual that always places family first. Thank you for loving me, your first daughter, that much.

Happy Father's Day to you.

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