Saturday, June 19, 2010

Little (Raindrop) Joys

It happened.

That's right... we found a way to make the rain boots (appearance #3 of the summer) even cuter. Pair it with his new flap happy sun cap.

And although you can't quite see it here, it's pouring outside. Raindrops all over the place. And my little man couldn't have cared less. Just ate up his outside time like any other sunny day.

Just as precious as dancing in the rain? Dancing like a ballerina in our house. Not sure if this comes from all of those dancing and singing shows on the cruise or just our silly steps around the house, but let me tell you .... the kid has moves. Watch it here.

Busy morning today and a very special father's day shoot later this evening. The sun is out today and there's no question that it's going to be a spectacular one.

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