Thursday, June 24, 2010

Perfectly Summer.

So much to enjoy about these warm, warm summer days. And we are doing everything exactly as we should.

Like enjoying watermelon almost daily... sometimes instead of lunch, sometimes even when we are not hungry, and sometimes right out of this special-Dad carved watermelon my mom made for Father's Day.

Swimming, of course. Particularly with no fear as he flies out of Pops arms.

Perfectly grilled hotdogs at my grandparent's house. And, no, they are certainly not good for you but they are irresistible and a requirement after swimming.

And frogs? Not quite a summer must-have, but this little friend was found outside and the little ones had great fun watching him hippity-hop around the house before setting him free.

Last, but not least... something for you all. A perfect summer mini shoot for your little ones...and you receive 3-4 edited images on a CD and some prints (all together the package is valued at $405)! Reserve your spot now as sessions are limited!

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