Monday, August 30, 2010

The Weekend Was...

...everything that a weekend should be.

It started with some perfectly cooler weather that we enjoyed with a bucket of chalk.

And a soccer ball of course, which Jacob has become so attached to I think he would sleep with it if it was as soft as his little blankie.

And among many of the words Jacob is starting to say, I love, love hearing him say his name... which most often comes out sounding like jeq, jeq, as he points to himself over and over.

A right-footed kick, yes, but don't think Daddy is not working on the left.

Always smelling the flowers...

And then, in perhaps one of the cutest moves of the day, picking some of these little flowers and handed them to his momma.

And to kick the evening off... a barbecue with some friends. I'd like to proudly announce that, in my quest to become a better momma, I cooked dinner THREE times this past week - homemade pasta con broccoli on Monday, shish kabobs and au gratin potatoes on Wednesday, and homemade mash potatoes on Friday. But the winner with the little ones Friday evening? These frosted cookies my friend brought over. Pure sugar goodness.

And yes, I allowed my child to be fed this sugary treat.

Because this weekend was about enjoying the sweet things in life.

And enjoy them he did.

Making sure he got the whole thing down him.

Mom, why don't you ever give me these treats?

Saturday evening we enjoyed more great food and drinks with good friends and Jacob enjoyed another play date, this time with his very first girlfriend.

Photo compliments of our friend's iphone!

Yes, the weekend was everything it was supposed to be. We played, relaxed, and enjoyed our sweet little family and some moments alone with my Philip while the little one napped.

And then? Well, I managed to convince my husband it was not too early to purchase and try on Jacob's Halloween costume... just a little preview....

Stay tuned... many good things to come this week!

Happy Monday!


Kate Baker said...

Mrs. Cotta, I'm loving the Halloween outfit :) What a cutie!

Stephanie said...

Isn't it the best? How is college?! Do you love it!?

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