Monday, August 23, 2010

Eighteen-Month-Old Baby.

Eighteen months ago, we arrived home with our little six pound, five ounce new peanut and I remember thinking, "Now what?" Oh, how far we have come. We have survived sleepless nights, falls off beds (bad momma), eating wars, giggle fits, and, of course, all of "the firsts"... the first bath, first real food, first park outing, first plane ride, first temper tantrum, first kiss, and first real night of sleep.... I can't imagine a different, or better, way to be right now.

And now, we have made it to our eighteen month check-up.

Jacob waited so patiently in the office.

Little man is getting big....

26 pounds, 8 ounces and 33 inches!

Loved every bit of his visit until his three shots.

And now that we are eighteen months, we are doing much more grown up things.

Like going grocery shopping with our new cart all around the house.

Round and round he pushes his cart, only every so often banging it into the walls to which Momma receives the "did-you-really-have-to-get-him-this-toy" look from Dad.

Of course, he's learning to take care of his babies, giving them hugs along the way.

And counting and adding and maybe multiplying some small numbers as well.

And then I realized that, in fact, my little one is just looking at the animals on the cards.

And wanting to do everything and anything that I am doing... which most often includes taking photographs.

How quickly these eighteen months have flown by.. and how amazing it is to watch him grow every step of the way.

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