Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Camps are over and all the kiddies are getting ready to go back to school.... us? Well, we are still soaking up the last few weeks of summer.

And what we are loving about summer right now....

Birthday celebrations. TWO birthday celebrations for two little lovebirds about to walk down the aisle in a few short months.

Casual Birthday Celebrations. Or so says my mom. Until we walk into this spectacularly set table and thanksgiving dinner. And not just your everyday turkey and dressing. Mom had all that and the sweet potatoes, twice baked potatoes (a Linzaloo favorite), and more....

Guitar time with Pops. Sometimes they play songs we know and sometimes he makes up the words as he goes, singing about anything and everything that comes to his mind. Occasionally, these lyrics have us laughing hysterically and other times, I find myself just thinking what an awesome person Pops (Daddy-o to me) really is.

Yaya Time. One of the only times Jacob will not immediately come to me occurs when he is with his Yaya. He will cling to her hip, shake his head, and hold on tight. I pretend to care... but only for a moment. Because how could this much love be a bad thing?

Poppy (Great-grandfather) Time. When I look back at these photographs, I am continually reminded of how good we have it. Jacob has two parents, four grandparents, three great-grandparents, and a billion other aunts, uncles, and cousins that surround him with love and laughter and all things good. And he just soaks it all right up... and then gives all that love right back.

The Box. Oh no, not just any cardboard box. This is the same box from The Berenstain Bear's book Inside, Outside, Upside Down, made especially by Yaya for her grandsons.

The Binky Debate. To take away or to let them stay? And then I decided there would be no debating this one for a bit. He's only seventeen months...

Being Hot, Sweet, and Sticky for just a Few More Weeks. Love, love this child. I love the way the way the popsicles are still so sweet to him because he is not used to having sweets...

...those crazy, adorable expressions he gives all throughout the day.

...the way he searches the sky for airplanes or birds or bugs or anything else flying up high.

....that little finger that points to everything. Dis, dis?, dat!, he says, absorbing all of the names of things we tell him.

.....and while I love the way Jacob looks in this one, I love how our sweet fourteen-year-old puppy Onyx looks like she is going to tear someone's head off in this picture. that belly, those little hands, and everything else this little one has to offer. Life's about as sweet as it can possibly be and I can't think of a better way I'd rather be.

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