Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hello again, Chicago.

To top off our last trip of the summer... a visit to Phil's brother and sister-in-law.

No visit is quite complete without a Cards-Cubs ballgame. The icing on the cake? We were only eight rows from the field. The little ones lasted until the sixth inning, but we are confident that our support drove the Cards to pull a big win in extra innings.

And if you were worried, don't be. Even though they live in Chicago, they're still good ol' Cards fans.

Jacob's second visit to Wrigley Field. What a lucky kid.

And since these two don't see each other all too often, we certainly love to capture all of these little moments.... Like bringing in bubbles to try and get both of them to look up and giggle at the camera.

Mission failed.

Adorable, yes. Perfectly posed, not quite.

I did manage to capture some good ones...

The kind that I know I will look back on ten years from now and think to myself, remember when they were that little?

Remember how they just wanted to explore everything and get into everything and understand it all?

These are the days to remember...

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