Friday, August 20, 2010

Starting the Weekend with a Bang (or a visit from the Firemen)...

I suppose after over a year of play dates with little ones running around each other's homes playing with new toys, munching on goldfish and pretzels, and us mommas chatting during free moments, some of us mommas might think our playgroup was in need of a bit of a boost.

Welcome, Fire Truck #2216.

And no, it wasn't quite planned and it wasn't quite funny at the time, but this momma did what we all fear, what some of us have already done I'm sure, and what we can thankfully laugh about six hours later.... She locked her littles in the car. In August heat. We were amazed at her calmness, her ability to keep her little twin ladies calm through the car window (true mom status), and the way in which she unwillingly turned an ordinary play date into one that we will not soon forget. And while I promised not to use her name, L.T., you rock!

And when everyone was free from their carseats and the firemen had distributed firemen hats to the little ones, it was time for a picture.

Take two.

And again.

And when we finally decided that this was the best we were going to get, and I decided that my little one would rather stare in awe at the fire trucks as they pass us on the street or read about them in his books or play with his toy fire trucks in the house or do anything beside sitting on this fire truck and look cute for one picture, hot and sweaty and thankful for kind firemen, we went inside.

For a delicious, perfectly kid-sized lunch.

And when my little one could not play any longer, it was time to go home. After asking for a slice of his bagel, I turned around a minute later to see this:

Little Man was too tired to even finish his piece of bagel. Fell asleep mid-bite and Momma had to pull over to, yes, take a picture, and, more importantly, to replace the bagel he was now sucking on with his binky.

A good day all around and a perfectly memorable way to start the weekend.

Happy Friday!

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