Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Good Life.

I'm not a cook (we already knew that), but lately I'm thinking that I've got the perfect recipe for life. To kick things off, ice cold Starbucks coffee... which kicked off our day and our drive up to Milwaukee to visit some friends.

Add in a growing little one that timed his naps perfectly with our road expeditions. This also marked the last ride that those little chunky feet would hit the back of that seat because, Little Man is growing tall quickly and it was time to turn the car seat around.

Mix everything up with a longtime college buddy of Philip's. And there's not many things cuter than seeing two good buddies together than seeing them together with their own little boys.

And for an even sweeter trip? Throw in your little friend's naked bottom on his new birthday present.

And if the worm wasn't adorable with one little lad, pop them both on and see how much fun you can have... or not.

And just when you think things can't get tastier... you start looking towards the future, wondering how it will all turn out. Will little boys grow up to be buds like their dads?

Will your friend's gorgeous new addition have her own new little friend?

One thing I know is true. When you mix up family and friends and a whole lot of love, you've got nothing but good things coming your way....

Sometimes these good things come in the form of your little one sneaking away with his plate and cup and making himself comfortable on his own little chair.

And smiling like crazy when he knows Momma caught him.

When life is this good, it's hard not to cheer.

Details of our last stop of the road trip coming soon....

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