Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby.

Happy Day. Happy 2nd Birthday to my very amazing little one.

Oh, what a day we had today. With a big birthday bash, candles lit and birthday songs sung at every meal, tons of hugs and lots of birthday kisses... we had ones of those days that I will forever remember as being one of the best of the best.

Baby turns two.

Pictures and stories from our day to follow... but for now, a look back at some amazing memories.... all from pages of a very special book I made for Jacob's birthday.

Here's to a million and one more happinesses in baby's third year....



Snowmanlover said...

Just beautiful. I just showed my daughter and her friend the Ladue contest and they said Jacob. What a gorgeous post today. It is my little one's b'day too but she is 13. I will surely pass on to my st.louis friends about your work. I shared your vote page on my fb page. Enjoyed seeing your photos of this darling boy!

MG said...

Your photos are amazing, I see LOVE, FRIENDSLY and amaizing soon. You are talend. I writing basing english, but your blog is great!!!

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mj said...

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Stephanie said...

Thank you all! He is one amazing kid :)

Timberland said...

great.Thank you for sharing.

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