Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Sweet Things.

I have about seven minutes left until I start hearing some little one start leaping off his bed with his blankie in one hand and Abby Cadabby in the other. And by leap, I mean actually taking a running start with the three feet of mattress he has to work with and then jump as high as he possibly can off the bed... over and over again... until I pop my head in the room and he stops mid-leap with quite possibly the biggest smile ever to give me a "Hi, Mommy."

And so, with six and a half minutes left, let me give you a run down of some very February-sweet things going on right now.

Cold stinkin' weather. Ok, not so much loving this one. Down slide? Go swing now? I hear every time Jacob stares out at our swingset. Not yet, Little One. Still too cold. The cute winter clothes, knit hats, snow boots, and snow pictures were just adorable but we are over this phase and ready for spring. Who is with me on that one?


He loves them. And if I happen to give him a brand new sheet of stickers after picking him up from school one day, I win the World's Best Mom Award.

Elmo Slippers. I used to hear funny stories about kids going to school wearing bizarre things with mommas saying, "there was absolutely no way he was coming without wearing it" and, now, I totally get it. Little Man would wear these all day, everyday if I let him. Luckily, a few stickers and some fruit snacks still does the trick when putting his other shoes on for school.

The Countdown to the Big Day. It's hard to believe it's almost here... my little one is almost two. And thank goodness he now has the most perfect shirt from our new sponsor, Kookoo Kids, to tell everyone about it. Check out more details about these ridiculously cute shirts here.

But the biggest hit so far this month?

Homemade Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies.

With Homemade Pink Frosting. I'm sure you all are quite aware of the fact that I am by no means a seasoned baker (or cook). But thanks to my dear friend, Martha Stewart, I whipped up a batch of the most delicious sweet treats.

So delicious, in fact, that my dear sister could not stop eating the raw cookie dough. Take a look at the little ones watching her every move.

So, of course, Little Man thinks he must try a taste too. Caught in the act.

Oh, they were good little bakers.

Cousins. My goodness, do these two love each other.... they give each other the biggest hugs when they see each other and are sad to have to say goodbye. So you can imagine how excited Jacob was when Jackson got to spend the whole night at our house.

And while our creations baked in the oven for seventeen minutes (Martha Stewart must have had a typo in her recipe because there was no way they were done after just ten minutes)...

.... my sister and I set the stage for the third part of the cookie making process.... decorations.

Until she couldn't keep her paws off of this part either.

I give you, Frosted Fingers. And yes, of course, I had to try this right after she did. And yes, it was an amazingly scrumptious idea.

And when the cookies were finally ready and not-so-much cooled down, the little ones were so very excited to dive in and taste the goods.

No, they weren't the prettiest things in the world.

But oh, did they taste yummy.

My minutes are up and I've just heard the first leap off the bed. Many more exciting things planned this week...and I do believe they are even calling for some sun this weekend.

Oh, the sweet things in life. But the sweetest thing of them all? This almost-two-year-old.

Happy Wednesday to you!

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Amy said...

So cute! When I was little I used to have Snoopy Slippers I always wanted to wear. Those cookies look delicious, now I want to make some of my own! Thanks for sharing :)

Talented K9

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