Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello, Snow.

It was forecast to be one of the most historic snow storms we would see. And so, like any good mother, I headed to the store Monday morning and stocked up on milk, bananas, Cinnamon rolls, and fruit snacks. And as we tucked into our home ready for the big bad storm to hit, I couldn't help but find the absolute laziness of the forty-eight hours so entirely peaceful.

Perhaps it had something to do with walking upstairs to find these two in deep conversation about Daddy's current read.

And no, I'm not lying. Here, Daddy is having Jacob practice saying "Nixon" and "Mao."

Or maybe it had something to do with being able to soak up these last few weeks with my twenty-three-month-going-on-four-year-old... who has become Mr. Independent these days, putting on his pants by himself.

Love the bed head.

And while one of our outings this week was going to be another hair cut, I'm thinking I just might let him rock this new do for a bit longer.

And speaking of rocking at things, this kid totally rocks at building things. He studies how to do it better and attempts things again and again until it turns into complete tower perfection.

Only to find absolute enjoyment with how he will knock it over... with his hands, his heads, his feet, or his belly.

And with the onset of the wintry mess, we have pleasantly welcomed in a rapidly developing speaker. Now stringing three words together ("I found Elmo!" "Where Daddy go?" "More fruit snacks please!" "Bee on block!"), little man has become quite the conversationalist. And I love this stage in his life. This new stage where communication is increasingly easy and we continue to be surprised by the things that come out of the little one's mouth.

And when we grow tired of reading books and building towers, we welcome in a staple of any child's development. Hello, play-doh.

And hello, gingerbread family.

And hello, my mini me. Who of course had to stand on a chair like his momma was doing to get a better shot of the family.

Yes, it was quite the peaceful forty-eight hours.

And although little man might be dreaming of the days when he can go play outside again, he's hanging in there rather nicely.

He's quite simply the most amazing part of my day...and I believe that holds true for all children. They make us love better, smile more, and dream bigger.

They allow us to forever look at life with a positive spin, always remembering to not worry so much about the petty things, but rather love even deeper the little things.

The beautiful things... like a not-so-historic-snow-storm that we still loved every minute of.

.... or the single blue jay in the freezing cold seated so calmly on the branch enjoying his moment (can you find him... little man had no problem spotting him).

...or the view from the outside when momma braved the cold for a few quick shots.

Yes, it's about the little, beautiful things. The moments that take your breath away, the moments that make you love even bigger, and the moments that you know will forever change your life for the better.

Happy Groundhog's Day!!

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